ChiroThin Canada


This weight-loss program is supposed to be similar to the HCG except that there are no hormones or needles. You get a spray bottle with some natural solution in it. The taste is bearablenothing extremely grotesque. I paid $675 cdn to my naturopath in hopes of losing 20 lbs in six weeks. The most attractive thing about this is that you eat little calories so you DO NOT HAVE TO EXERCISE! In fact, it is discouraged :).

The diet is pretty strict and boring.. basically no sugar, fats or carbs. You spray the solution in your mouth three times a day as it helps to manage your hunger. Before you begin, you have to eat super fatty foods for two days with a target of 5,000 calories. I think I managed to hit it, but I’m not sure. It made me sick, nauseous, and I ended up getting cramps at the end of the night.

My meals consisted of extra butter on everything and put mayo on the side to dip my food in! To boost the calories, I ate a lot of desserts with whipping cream.